Rick Elliott is a great person to work with. He is kind, understanding and listens to what the customer needs. I would recommend anyone to work with Rick.

I truly felt that Rick had my best interests in mind at all times.

It was great to work with Teresa Simpson and her staff. She made it so easy! I had tried to fill the position myself for seven months and Teresa filled it in about three weeks!


Rick Elliott and his MRI team are my recruiting source. They have a full understanding of my requirements and provide solutions for my business. I use and recommend them.


Kim Tibbetts served as my job recruiter during my recent job transition period. She was very knowledgeable in identifying my career goals. Kim worked hard to make regular contact with my new employer and spent time preparing me for my interviews. I feel she played a crucial role in the acquisition of my new job and would recommend her to anyone desiring to make a change in their career. I am grateful for her commitment.


I wanted to take the time and express my gratitude to you, Rick. I have never worked with such a professional recruiting company. I believe that the staff is a great part of this success. You have given me so much personal care, direction and communication. There was no time for any unanswered questions or concerns. Everything was addressed in such a sufficient manner. I also appreciate all of the attentiveness you have given me through my traveling during the interviewing process. You went above and beyond the call of duty by making sure I had all of your personal contact numbers in case there was any problems during my flights, car rental and hotel arrangements. You also made sure that I had exact driving directions to all of the locations, times of arrival and people to meet. Everything that was needed was supplied and delivered with urgency. The whole process from beginning to end was such a pleasure. Thank you for the unconditional support and assisting me in achieving my career goals.


I would like to thank Kim Tibbetts for assisting me with my new career opportunity. I really appreciate your time, effort and belief in me. Thanks again and I look forward to staying in touch with you and Rick.


When I received a phone call from Teresa Simpson, it was an absolute Godsend! It is changing my life daily. I didn't realize how much I needed a change in my life. I enjoy the new facility and the staff is so kind and really needed leadership. I know I can help them pick up the pieces and start again. This is a wonderful company to work for and they have been so good to me. Thanks again for opening the door to a new challenge where I hope I will make a difference in someone's life.

I just wanted to let you know, Rick, how much I appreciate you recommending me for my new position with a Fortune 500 Company.  I am very excited about the opportunity and believe I can make an impact in the market.  Thanks also for your coaching and support throughout the process.

The professional interaction I have had with Teresa Simpson and her team enhanced my job search. She was able to find me a position that will maximize my expertise while doing the job I truly enjoy.  Her attention to detail with regards to the standards of a company that would meet my interest was outstanding and the on-going support while the process was taking place is especially appreciated.  Having worked in our industry, she really understands the needs of those looking for that "right position".  I am pleased to say I start my new position in a couple of weeks. I will continue to recommend fellow professionals to the services provide by Teresa and her staff.

Candidates Overview

Management Recruiters of Cartersville is in the business of positively influencing people's lives.

Our candidates enjoy the unique experience of working with seasoned professionals to assist them in determining their career direction and personal growth opportunities. We listen, we consult and we take action.

Based on your preferences, we will identify and present to you only the positions that accurately reflect your chosen professional path. We will discuss opportunities in detail with you, respect your choices and ask your permission to proceed with client presentations of your background and experience. We will brief you and prepare you for all client meetings, and once the interview process is complete, provide you with feedback in a timely manner.

Please e-mail your resume using the resume submittal page or feel free to reach us by phone at 770-607-6630 and we'll be happy to discuss your options with you. All information will be held in the strictest of confidence. Our goal is to assist you in finding that "perfect fit" between your skills and experience and the right career opportunity.


What's the most important indicator of job satisfaction?

  • Doing something you love.
  • Working for and with people you like and respect.
  • A big paycheck.
  • Doing something for the greater good.

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