How To Say No At Work


It may be hard, but there are times when it’s a good career move to say no at work. You’re often told that in order to get ahead at work you have to be the first one in and the last one to leave. You have to be energetic, positive, and always ready to say…

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Are You Still Hiring Like It’s 2009?

Tired employee

Many small and mid-sized businesses are struggling to stay fully staffed. With unemployment under 4 percent, the talent market is as competitive as it has been in 50 years — but unfortunately, many small businesses haven’t updated their hiring procedures in a decade. In fact, businesses often approach the talent market as if it were…

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3 Strategies to Manage Your Time and Maximize Your Results


Time is a nonnegotiable, nonrenewable resource. Somehow, we all seem to forget this, especially when we become overwhelmed. However, if you learn to remove distractions and prioritize important tasks, you can do more with your time — and live a much happier life, too. Consider this: Do you proactively engage in your day or simply fall into…

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How to Quit a Job You Just Started

Man at computer

Between a new boss, new co-workers, and new office culture, your first few weeks at a job should be an exciting period in your career. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Two weeks in, and a voice inside your head is shouting, “I hate my new job!” And that’s when you have to learn how to quit a…

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3 Ways to Re-Energize Employees in the Age of Burnout

Rocket shooting

In corporate America, evolutionary change at revolutionary speed is becoming the norm, and workers are clearly feeling the brunt of these tectonic shifts. Political strife, international trade disputes, and angst over a particular industry’s or company’s health are weighing heavily on workers’ minds. Couple these concerns with a nonstop workload, demanding deliverables, and tight budget restrictions, and…

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