7 Ways to Run a Great Virtual Meeting


No more boring, “I’ll never get that hour back” meetings. Here’s how to energize your next virtual meeting. Raise your hand if you’ve ever experienced a virtual meeting that’s: Boring Unproductive Pointless A great way to catch up on emails because you’re not paying attention to anything that’s going on Wow, I see a lot…

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Breaking the ‘Safe Silence’: How to Build a Culture Where People Share Their (Good) Ideas


Does your company have a positive culture of conversation — a culture where employees are free to voice ideas, find solutions, and innovate? Many employers believe they do and are often confused by the lack of problem-solving ideas coming from their teams. Why the disconnect? The answer may surprise you. According to our recent research in conjunction with…

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One Important Way You Can Help Your Employees Avoid Burnout

Employee burnout

You can’t make the work disappear. But you can do this. There’s no doubt that burnout is a risk in every fast-moving organization. For example, a Gallup survey found that 67% of full-time employees feel burned out at work at least occasionally. But while leaders can’t make work go away, you can do something to avoid burnout,…

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Nurse-Led Quality Program Improves Care of Older Adults


An analysis covering 27 years of research has shown that a nurse-led quality program improves the care of older adults in a number of key areas. The Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) program has proven successful in preventing falls, improving patient safety and quality of care, reducing potentially inappropriate medications, and helping healthcare…

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5 Reasons You’re Afraid to Get a New Job


A better job is waiting for you. These tips for overcoming fear of change can give you the boost you need. For most job seekers, the phrase “new job” is exciting because it signals opportunities to learn new skills, expand your network, and build your resume. But change can also be intimidating. If you’re scared…

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